Stabilized moss logo decoration picture circular 60 cm

Stabilized moss logo decoration picture circular 60 cm


Stabilized moss decorated logo. No maintenance required.

The image of stabilized moss in the shape of a circle. A great interior detail that will give vitality to your interior. Requires no maintenance: not watered, not suitable for direct sunlight. The image of a smaller diameter can also be used as a table detail, instead of a flower pot. Moss is non-allergenic and can therefore be used in a children’s room. Stabilized moss is a very good indicator of humidity, which indicates that your premises are very dry, there is a lack of moisture. The most suitable indoor humidity level for moss is 40-60%, with a humidity of less than 40%, reindeer moss will become dry and brittle, and salt crystals may form on the surface. This condition is not harmful to moss, and at normal humidity levels it will become soft again, so we recommend increasing the humidity in the environment so that the moss can return to its original softness and appearance. We do not recommend watering stabilized moss as drops of running water can wash away preservatives.

NOTE: Does not have a hanging element, as the painting is light as a part of the case can be placed on a table or hung on a wall with stickers, specially adapted for hanging paintings.

Can be made in any size you want: 30 cm, 40 cm, 50 cm, 60 cm.

Color: Green grass light

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