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When creating the interior of a home, we give a lot of attention and time to the selection of interior details. After all, after a long day at work, you want to return to the most cozy place in the world – home. However, with the constantly changing trends in home interiors and the growing variety of interior details, it is becoming increasingly difficult to choose something that is close to the soul, but at the same time stylish and original.

I am the founder of Raminta MODERNBETON.EU, taming concrete, I offer you to look at this industrial material differently and discover modern and exclusive solutions for your home. In the range you will find a rich selection of minimalist handmade products: vases, pots, candlesticks, pencils, table and wall decor elements, as well as images of stabilized moss that will give the house greenery.

What makes MODERNBETON.EU products?

Natural, but not simple. Products without any artificial colors look very natural. Complement these products with succulents, cacti, other plants or even stabilized natural moss, which you can also find in the MODERNBETON.EU e-shop, and your home will be full of life. Don’t forget to be creative, inventing the purpose of these interior details yourself. Unique in their shape and texture. In addition to vases and candlesticks, the MODERNBETON.EU range also includes unique wall decor. You can create your own piece by combining different details.

Not only do all products have their own unique shapes, but due to their specific properties, each concrete product acquires its own unique texture changes. So you will definitely not find two identical products! All products are prepared with love and hands. I make the products myself, charging them with coziness and warmth. I value each of my customers and consider their needs, so you can apply for individual orders as well.

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