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Stabilized moss is a great interior detail that enlivens the interior of the space. Does not require any care, no need to water or give special care. According to manufacturers’ recommendations, moss can keep the image unchanged for up to 10 years.

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Stabilized reindeer moss is an excellent interior detail for various decor works, such as painting, wall decoration, etc. Stabilized reindeer moss is a natural product with different shape texture and color difference properties. The computer-generated images that are presented in the online store differ from the actual color of the moss, being several tones lighter. Stabilized reindeer moss keeps its color for 10 years, does not fade. Moss is sold with natural forest accessories, such as twigs, needles, pine cones, they are very small and easy to pick by hand. Moss is afraid of direct sunlight, so the best place is out of direct sunlight. Moss is non-flammable. Moss is hypoallergenic, so it can also be used in a children’s room. Stabilized moss is a very good indicator of moisture, which indicates that your premises are very dry, there is a lack of moisture. The optimum indoor humidity level for moss is 40-60%, below 40% humidity will cause the reindeer moss to become dry and brittle and salt crystals may form on the surface. This condition does not harm the moss and it will soften again at normal humidity levels, so we recommend increasing the humidity in the environment to allow the moss to return to its original softness and appearance. We do not recommend watering stabilized moss, as droplets of running water can wash away the preservatives. Moss does not require any care. 6-7 kg is needed to cover 1 sq.m. cleaned moss, this amount is obtained from 10 kg of raw moss with impurities.
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